Betta Disease Guide

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I know it can be frustrating to have an injured or sick betta fish and have to sift through many articles trying to figure out a correct diagnosis. I have made this organized, easy-to-read chart so you can quickly diagnose and treat your betta splenden. All ailments are linked up with a more detailed article […] Read more »

Betta Parasite Overview

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There are many types of fish parasites out there. This article will help you identify each one and learn the various proper treatments.   First to know there are 3 types of parasites that can infect fish. They are crustacean, worms, and protozoa. Though some of the following conditions are rare, especially in betta fish, […] Read more »

Betta Fish Velvet Disease

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What is Oödinium pilularis?   Oödinium pilularis is the technical term for the parasitic infection more commonly known as Rust, Gold Dust Disease, and Velvet Disease. For the sake of popularity, I will refer to this illness as Velvet disease. Velvet is one of those diseases that is more difficult to detect but can be […] Read more »