Betta Fungus Infection

fungus infected fish eggs

Saprolegnia;   Also referred to as “water mold” is a secondary infection caused by fungus. This fungus is in every tank and typically feeds off of fish waste and uneaten food. This explains why you will not have to fear for this infection unless there is a prior problem to your betta’s health. In very […] Read more »

Betta Anchor Worms

betta anchor worms

Lernaea;   Also known as “Anchor Worms” get their nick name due to their anchor shaped head. They are a parasitic crustacean that swims freely throughout the water. Eventually they latch on to a host(your betta) and will burrow their way down into your betta’s flesh. When the anchor worms burrow too far it becomes […] Read more »

Betta Finnage

male betta fish dragon scale

Several different betta finnage and scale variations have been developed thanks to  breeders around the world. The ancestors of betta splendens and those living in the wild are dull in color and do not possess the showy fin variations we see today. Thanks to selective breeding, betta fish now come in a huge array of […] Read more »

Betta Swim Bladder Disorder

betta loss of balance

What is a swim bladder?   Ever wonder why fish are able to sink  downward at times then ascend to the top without even moving a fin? There is a trick to how fish maintain their position and balance in water. This buoyancy come from an organ named the swim bladder. This organ is located […] Read more »

Betta Fish Velvet Disease

betta fish velvet

What is Oödinium pilularis?   Oödinium pilularis is the technical term for the parasitic infection more commonly known as Rust, Gold Dust Disease, and Velvet Disease. For the sake of popularity, I will refer to this illness as Velvet disease. Velvet is one of those diseases that is more difficult to detect but can be […] Read more »

Betta Aquarium: 5 Step Water Change

betta aquarium maintenance

What to know before performing a routine water change     Over time fish waste and excess food drops into the gravel at the bottom of your aquarium. The toxicity increases and raises ammonia levels as well as bacterial pathogens making your aquarium unsafe for your betta fish and other tank mates. Performing water changes […] Read more »

What are betta fish?


Siamese fighting fish, otherwise known as betta fish, are very well-known and have been one of the most popular fish to keep.   Being one of over 60 species belonging to the genus “betta”(BAY-tuh), betta splendens are one of the few ornamental strains making them easily recognized by their diverse vibrant colors and long flowing tail […] Read more »

Feeding Betta Fish


What are the food choices for feeding betta fish?   Siamese fighting fish are carnivores and desire variety in their diet. In fact, if your betta fish is fed the same thing for an extended period of time they’ll start spitting their food out. Along with variety, bettas would also prefer live food. This is […] Read more »

Betta Fin Diseases

betta fin rot

The first key indicator of stress and disease.   When there are obvious changes in a betta‘s fins it’s time to test the water and watch for other symptoms. When trying to diagnose bettas based on their fins it is important to observe other symptoms as well. If you do not see any other ailments […] Read more »

Betta Fish Compatibility

Blue Male Betta Fish

Though they are nicknamed siamese fighting fish, bettas do not have to live alone. Every betta splenden will react differently to new tank mates. Some Betta fish get along with nearly anyone you put them with and some get stressed out and may become defensive. Remember that bettas require warm freshwater conditions, so be sure […] Read more »