Betta Disease Guide

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I know it can be frustrating to have an injured or sick betta fish and have to sift through many articles trying to figure out a correct diagnosis. I have made this organized, easy-to-read chart so you can quickly diagnose and treat your betta splenden. All ailments are linked up with a more detailed article […] Read more »

Betta Fungus Infection

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Saprolegnia;   Also referred to as “water mold” is a secondary infection caused by fungus. This fungus is in every tank and typically feeds off of fish waste and uneaten food. This explains why you will not have to fear for this infection unless there is a prior problem to your betta’s health. In very […] Read more »

Betta Swim Bladder Disorder

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What is a swim bladder?   Ever wonder why fish are able to sink  downward at times then ascend to the top without even moving a fin? There is a trick to how fish maintain their position and balance in water. This buoyancy come from an organ named the swim bladder. This organ is located […] Read more »