Betta Disease Guide

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I know it can be frustrating to have an injured or sick betta fish and have to sift through many articles trying to figure out a correct diagnosis. I have made this organized, easy-to-read chart so you can quickly diagnose and treat your betta splenden. All ailments are linked up with a more detailed article […] Read more »

Betta Fish Velvet Disease

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What is Oödinium pilularis?   Oödinium pilularis is the technical term for the parasitic infection more commonly known as Rust, Gold Dust Disease, and Velvet Disease. For the sake of popularity, I will refer to this illness as Velvet disease. Velvet is one of those diseases that is more difficult to detect but can be […] Read more »

Betta Fish Ich

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What is Ich?   Ich or Ichthyophthirius (pronounced “ick”) is a free swimming protozoan parasite that infects the skin of fish. The infection can also take place within the gills which is much harder to detect making it more dangerous and threatening to your tank. Parasites embedded in the skin create small white cysts. This […] Read more »