About Betta Fish

Betta 101: Basic information on the history and biology of Betta Fish. Learn about their bodies and habits as well as interesting facts.

Betta Fish Behavior

betta fish flaring

When we first hear about bettas, we wonder “what are betta fish?” After reading about their history and origins we find ourselves wanting to know more about betta fish. We want to know who they are rather than just what they are. • What interesting behaviors do betta fish possess? • Do all bettas act the same or […] Read more »

Betta Fish Names

betta fish names

What’s in a name?   It seems as though a lot of people have a hard time coming up with betta fish names. After all, many people will tell you that a betta is “just a fish”. This makes it easy to feel a little silly bothering with a name. I have found in my […] Read more »

Free Betta Fish Downloads

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Free Betta Fish Ebooks Here are downloadable guides so you can put them on your Kindle, iPad or even your phone. To get one of the free ebooks, click on the menu of the desired ebook. When you click the download button, a window will pop up giving you the option to download a pdf […] Read more »

Betta Finnage

male betta fish dragon scale

Several different betta finnage and scale variations have been developed thanks to  breeders around the world. The ancestors of betta splendens and those living in the wild are dull in color and do not possess the showy fin variations we see today. Thanks to selective breeding, betta fish now come in a huge array of […] Read more »

What are betta fish?


Siamese fighting fish, otherwise known as betta fish, are very well-known and have been one of the most popular fish to keep.   Being one of over 60 species belonging to the genus “betta”(BAY-tuh), betta splendens are one of the few ornamental strains making them easily recognized by their diverse vibrant colors and long flowing tail […] Read more »

Feeding Betta Fish


What are the food choices for feeding betta fish?   Siamese fighting fish are carnivores and desire variety in their diet. In fact, if your betta fish is fed the same thing for an extended period of time they’ll start spitting their food out. Along with variety, bettas would also prefer live food. This is […] Read more »

Betta Fish Compatibility

Blue Male Betta Fish

Though they are nicknamed siamese fighting fish, bettas do not have to live alone. Every betta splenden will react differently to new tank mates. Some Betta fish get along with nearly anyone you put them with and some get stressed out and may become defensive. Remember that bettas require warm freshwater conditions, so be sure […] Read more »