Betta Fish Names

What’s in a name?


It seems as though a lot of people have a hard time coming up with betta fish names. After all, many people will tell you that a betta is “just a fish”. This makes it easy to feel a little silly bothering with a name. I have found in my experience that my bettas have really owned up to their names. As soon as you give a creature a name you’ve already personalized your experience and personified your new pal. This gives you a feeling of closeness, making it more likely that you’ll properly care for your new friend.

So what to name your betta fish? Whatever comes to mind! Make it original to you. If you like sandwiches you could name your betta “Hoagie” or “Reuben”. You could also use the color theory. If your betta fish is blue name him “Blue” or “Sky” or anything else in reference to the color of his body or fins. Color can also depict emotion.


(You will find a list of colors and potential names at the bottom of this page)betta fish names


Another way to come up with a unique name for your fighting fish is to use other languages. This works especially well when using your betta‘s colors in the naming process. Blue in spanish is “Azul” and yellow is “Amarillo”. Boom, you have an instant awesome sounding name!

You can also use public figures or even people you have a crush on. Do you like Johnny Depp? Name your betta “JD” or “Depp-charge” or some other fun variation. I’m thinking my next betta fish will be called “MaSheen” because Charlie Sheen is crazy and hilarious.ย  Besides celebrities you can use characters from folk-lore or mythology or cartoons. The possibilities are endless.

Alright so there are the tools on how to create betta fish names. If you are still having a hard time with coming up with the right name for your betta fish, use the following lists to get a good idea. Now that you have learned how to name your betta, click here for a guide on how to be prepared when your beta fish falls ill: Betta First Aid Kit


Here’s an example of betta fish names I’ve used and how I came up with them:


Leo – I’m a leo (zodiac) and he struts around like a little lion.

DJ Sickle – I’m a dj, he’s colored like an oragescicle and was constantly sick at the store. So i bought him, healed him, and named him DJ Sickle.

James Caan – James Caan rocks.

Karma – Pink colored and even keeled. Always laid back and never confrontational.

Cheeto – He’s bright orange.

Gabriel – I couldn’t think of anything so my friend named him that.

Sir Swish – Baseketball is an awesome movie and was relevant back then.


Here is the Top 10 Betta Fish names in America

Jaws, Killer, Nemo, Dory, Rocky, Tyson, Ninja, Beast, Flash, Laser


A few examples of betta fish names based on color


names for blue betta fishBlue

Blue, Azul (spanish), Blao (german), Gorm (irish), Aqua, Agua (spanish), Sea Gill, Mr. Freeze, Icicle, Periwinkle, Sky


names for red betta fishRed

Fire, Flame, Gala (apple), Fuji (apple), Cinnamon, Cherry, Kisser, Rojo (spanish), Rouge (french), Rosso (italian), Mars, Rose, Tapatio


names for yellow betta fishYellow

Amarillo (spanish), Gelb (german), Giallo (italian), Gult (icelandic), Sunflower, Dandy or Dandelion, Yield, Spongebob


names for purple betta fishPurple

Lila (german), Lilac, Amethyst, Violet, Lavender, Orchid, Prince, Jimi, Hope



names for orange betta fishOrange

Naranja (spanish), Sunny, Sunkist, OJ, Tanner, Cheeto, Mac, Tic Tac, Cholula



names for green bettasGreen

Grun (german), Verde (italian and spanish), Booger, Dill, Ivy, Limey, Green Giant, Hulk, Turf, Kermit, Squidward, Limestone, Olive, Mint Condition, Fern, Margarita


names for pink betta fishPink

Bleikur (icelandic), Walter Melon, Rose (french, or the flower), Rosa (german and italian), Charmin (blow pop company), Bazooka Joe, Berry, Fuscia, Peony, Sweet Pea, Patrick, Carnation, Piggy



[If I can think of any more names I’ll update these lists]


If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Want to inspire other readers? Comment and tell us what betta fish names you’ve used.



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  1. David Thomas says:

    My wife named our betta “Coby” ’cause he’s cobalt blue. I like “Moe Betta”, but I didn’t get a vote.

  2. EthanJaredUy says:

    Name it Blu Please!!!!!!!!

  3. Skylerwicket says:

    Our betta is called Peshka, which is my own adaptation of the Romanian word for “fish”, peste.

  4. Ram187 says:

    My betta’s name is Fishie. When I get a female she will be called Athena! LOL!

  5. Ram187 says:

    Oh! I got a new betta! Mr. Betta!

  6. Erin says:

    When I got my fish I named him Magnus.

  7. Ram187 says:

    Actually, I have a new betta (female) and I don’t want to name her Athena. She’s purple but I didn’t want to use the names for purple bettas. Any suggestions? Love to hear ’em!

  8. Ram187 says:

    Never mind! I named her Bubbles!

  9. Since I am a pegasister, and my betta is purple with hints of pink, I named it Twilight Sparkle. I then found out it was actually a “he” and renamed him Dusk Shine, Twilight’s genderswap. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Cheryl Rife says:

    Getting into Betta fever I have a few males and females, The girls as I dubed them are Winnie, sort of a red color, Sarha is gray and red, and Mary is blue, names taken from the movie Hocus Pocus My males are Blue, he’s beautiful blue and red, Araua is white with irradesent lavender fins, and then there is Neptune, a beautiful green blue color with black outlined on fins. Iam enjoying these beautiful fish so much. I am going to try to breed them and have been reading upon all of this. Yes names, they fit there personality ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Gail says:

    Angela,if possible could you help me with my Betta,,Regulus..(this means “Little King” the Lion heart of the constellation Leo..he is very important to me.I bought him a new plant last Sunday a week ago.The plant died suddenly so I removed most of the leaves because of toxins.He is in a 5 gallon tank,with a pump a heater and live plants.The water is about 78 to 79 degrees.He has eaten and he is making a bubble nest that he has not done in about 2 weeks.I find it odd for him to sit in the same postion that I left him in about 8 to 10 hours while I am in work he is in the same exact spot.It is not like him any way to stay in the front of the tank..maybe I am a worried-wort but I gave him tetracycline it helped him one time before.On valentines day he had a wound and he hurt his fin this helped.I bought him a new ornament and I think possibly it had something to do with that and never used it again.But that was in FEB 2012.any ideas?

    • Angela Soup says:

      The ornament should not be the problem since you have had it for so long. New ornaments that are not rinsed can cause some water discoloration but since it is not a new ornament there is no need to worry. Your betta is okay as far as health goes. If you are noticing he hangs out in the same spot frequently it could be that he needs some stimulation. Do you ever give him exercise by placing a mirror next to his tank? A big thing I make sure to do is rearrange my tanks/bowls after every water change. This creates curiosity and the desire to explore. Many are surprised to learn that fish can pick up on routines and desire change within their environments.

    • Angelasoup says:

      Try to stimulate your Betta. It sounds as though he is healthy(bubble nests are a great sign of health as well as normal eating). The plant likely fell victim as food. A betta that hangs out in one spot all day is a bored betta. Place a mirror next to his tank for about 15 minutes a day. Also be sure to change his surroundings when you do water changes. This will make him curious and desire exploration.

  12. Javier Diaz says:

    My beta is a lot of blue fade to black and a lil purple and i named him Neptune

  13. I am a betta enthusiast. Husband and I have 21 males with names like dingdong, goober, spaz, and splitz, to patches smokey and steel. Our females (18 of them) are named from QB, bloody Mary, to peaches and dotty. I honestly believe that fish either live up to their name or just act a certain way to where u have to give them a name such as spaz (he spazes out when u shine a light near him) we are breeding and have all different colors and tail types I am excited to see what we get

    • Angelasoup says:

      Those are all great names! I myself have had a few that could’ve used the name “Spaz” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hope you’re breeding goes fantastic.

  14. lynn jiminez says:

    I have four betas! one is very RED so his name is SCARLET like scarlet red one is name Midnight cuz he is midnight blue, one has a pale blue body and red fins with teal lines running through his fins and his name is Flag because he has stripes like our nations flag, and last I have one who is white,, white all over except his eyes which do have a red tint, and I wanted to name him Casper for the white friendly ghost we all loved as a kid but my kids named him Sushi ha ha ha. he will NEVER become sushi but I have to admit it is a cute name. we thought about CLOUD too cuz they are white, and our fish that has a lot of colors we thought about the name RAINBOW or CHICANO which is Spanish for Mexican and American mixed or Mexican born in America. we have a gold fish name PELOTA cuz he looks like a ball pelota is Spanish for ball the type of a tennis ball. we have an algea eater which we call milkshake cuz you have to suck a milkshake through a straw, we have three albino catfish name grandpa(he is 5yrsold) Snowflake and Pearl. we have a dog name Parker cuz he parked himself in my daughters lap so we adopted him a cat name Stalker cuz he always is stalking us like he lays flat then runs up pounces on your foot then runs away and he brings home mice and cat name Nicholas cuz he was a gift from St.Nick(adopted him for Christmas) hope you like our name choices (:

    • Angela Soup says:

      Those are all very great names! I especially love the idea of naming one Sushi!! Pelota is a good one too ๐Ÿ˜€
      I love all of the puns that went into these clever names. I named my cat Ramsay just because I was watching Master Chef – not nearly as clever as you ๐Ÿ™‚

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