Free Betta Fish Downloads

Free Betta Fish Ebooks

Here are downloadable guides so you can put them on your Kindle, iPad or even your phone. To get one of the free ebooks, click on the menu of the desired ebook. When you click the download button, a window will pop up giving you the option to download a pdf or txt format. Use whichever is compatible with the device you use. If you are unsure of which format to download, i recommend you go with the pdf. It seems to be the mot versatile of the two.

Betta Info 101

This guide is pretty much the same thing as my Betta Fish: An Introduction article but in a portable and easy to read format.


Betta Fish Parasite Guide

This betta fish guide is a pdf friendly version of my article Betta Parasite Overview.

Betta Fish Parasite Guide


Betta Fish Slideshows

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  1. Ram187 says:

    I love bettas so much I want 100 of them!

  2. Ram187 says:

    Make it 100,000,000!

  3. Ram187 says:

    Fine, I admit it, I want 620,000,000,000!

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