Betta Finnage

Several different betta finnage and scale variations have been developed thanks to  breeders around the world.

The ancestors of betta splendens and those living in the wild are dull in color and do not possess the showy fin variations we see today. Thanks to selective breeding, betta fish now come in a huge array of color combinations and beautiful finnage.

Below is a list of fin variations with an image to fully display the beauty of each betta.



betta fish male veil tail

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Veiltail bettas are the original and most common of betta splendens. They can be found at all pet stores that sell betta fish. They come in an array of colors but





male betta fish crown tail

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Crown tail bettas are aptly named for the points on their tail. Also called “fringe-tail” the tail gives off the pointed styling of a crown.





betta fish male comb tail

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The combtail has been created from breeding a crown tail betta with a common veiltail. The points are less extended giving off a more wispy look.





betta fish male half moon

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Half-moon bettas have a fan-like fin style. When the male displays his fins the tail, or “caudal fin” creates a 180-degree spectrum.





male betta fish half sun

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Half-sun bettas were created by breeding a half-moon with a combtail. Still giving the circular range, the fins are tipped with small points or “sun rays” as portrayed in art.





betta fish red delta

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Delta tail


Delta tails are  described as half-moons that do not spread 180-degrees but instead have sharp, straight edges to their tail.  It gives a very angular appearance which is how Deltas acquired their name.




male betta fish rose tail

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Rosetail bettas are half-moon bettas with so much finnage the tail and dorsal fins overlap. The layering looks much like a rose.





betta fish male plakat

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Plakats have very short fins and take on the look of the original short-finned fighting fish of Siam.





female betta fish double tail

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Double-tail bettas have a very long and predominant dorsal and fins with a double lobed tail fin.





male betta fish dragon scale

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Dragon Scale


Dragon scales typically have very light but bold-colored metallic scales which is surrounded or outlined by more dull scales of a different richer color. The dorsal fin and tail are short like a Plakat but the anal fin is elongated like  the Double-tail betta.



 More to come?

The above styles are the most common bettas you will see. Keep in mind that there are breeders all over the world still developing new variations of fins and color combinations. In fact, I would not be surprised if you came across something such as a Dragon-scale Crowntail. I have heard of them existing and am awaiting to see the results. Keep your eyes open, I’m sure there are many betta finnage styles we don’t even know about yet.

Here’s a fun video I made, check it out!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I have been looking for a photo of a female Dragon Scale beta….seems most shown are males….can you tell me the difference or do you have a photo of a female Dragon Scale? Many thanks Elizabeth

    • Angela Soup says:

      Female dragon scale bettas have much shorter dorsal and anal fins. Here is an image so you can note the differences

    • Secretninja says:

      I have a steel blue dragon scale female. Yes she is crowntail. I dont hav pics but i can tell you wat thy look like. They have the same look as males but with the still-short fins. Kinda figs rite? What i want to know is if its possibl my male betta could be a deltatail rosetail, or if rosetails only cum in a halfmoon package. I needa no like rite now! In just a few weeks im breeding a turquoise roseetail? male with a steel blue dragonscale crowntail female. Ps i thnk hes a dragon 2.

      • Angela Soup says:

        Rock on, thanks for letting me know! Now i’ll have to track one down for myself 🙂 I’m not sure if there are delta rosetails but it could definitely be possible. A rosetail just means that the fins overlap in a flower-pedal type of way so if your betta’s fins and tail fit that description you’re in luck. I would totally breed those two and see what happens, send me pics in a message down the road, I might be interested in buying one from you when they’re ready.

  2. Tyler says:

    My new fish is a crowntail dragonscale I believe. I have named him Gerrard.

  3. Ram187 says:

    I have all veiltails.I might also get a veiltail female. Oh, how can you tell if two females like eachother and can go in the same tank without any other females?

    • Angela Soup says:

      So I have been working on a new article all about females living together. I’ll give you the low-down. Female bettas do best in odd numbers(3 bettas, 5 bettas, etc.). This is because one female will typically take dominance as others. It is called a “sorority tank” which is quite appropriate because they are all female and have a “sorority leader”. Females will like each other or tolerate(depending on personality)each other better the more occupants there are and how much space there is. Just think of girls in real life 🙂 That’s why I live in a vase! 😉

    • Angelasoup says:

      It’s pretty much trial and error but my best advice would be to go to a pet store that already has many females in one tank. That way you can observe their behavior first hand. Remember to always house females in odd numbers (3, 5, 7, etc) because one betta must step up as the sorority leader. I should really write an article about that.

  4. Ram187 says:

    Oh and awesome betta pics on the video!

  5. Ram187 says:

    My female Bubbles is SO adorable! Or should I say adoraBETTA! She’s a crowntail. She’s either royal blue or purple!

  6. Ram187 says:

    I have a male betta who is light blue and it looks he has a crowntail! But he looks like Fishie, so I think they are brothers, but Fishie is a veiltail! They were also sold in the same shop! They have the same cuteness! So a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!

    • Angelasoup says:

      awww cute! They probably are not related though because of their differences. If they share they same mother or father it would be likely that they are months apart in age,

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