Betta Bowl Supply Checklist

Wondering what to buy for a successful betta bowl?


Be prepared with this betta bowl supply checklist. Know what you need to buy before you go to the store so you can have everything ready when you bring your betta buddy home. With this detailed list and our article on how to set up a betta bowl you’ll be able to create the perfect environment for your betta.


Betta Bowl Supply Checklist


betta fish bowl__ Bowl or small tank

Your siamese fighting fish will need at least one gallon. Decide on something wider across rather than tall. Betta fish prefer to swim back and forth. Also, they are one of the few species of fish that also breathe air, so more surface will make for a better environment.


betta aquarium gravel__ Gravel

Aquarium gravel absorbs fish waste and excess food. It keeps the bowl looking great. However, if you see yourself forgetting to do water changes it’d probably be better to choose glass rocks for the bottom of the bowl. If you can see the mess you’ll remember to keep up with your beta bowl maintenance. With regular gravel it’s easy to believe that the water is fine because the bowl/tank looks great. Even though you cannot see waste, it will still raise ammonia and bacteria levels making the water toxic to your betta.


betta fish leaf bed__ Decorations

You need to have some sort of decor whether you choose a fake plant, real plant, or ornament. Betta fish like to be stimulated by their surroundings. Decoration also aids as a hiding place for comfort. I highly recommend purchasing the Betta Bed Leaf Hammock. I guarantee your betta fish will spend more time on that leaf than anywhere else.


betta fish bowl water neutralizing drops__ Water conditioner

Whether using tap water or bottled water it is always wise to use a water conditioner. Be sure the product you buy removes chlorine AND chloramine. Though bottled water may have a more pure pH than tap water and be presented as safe, it is best to treat the water. It is reassuring to know for certain that your betta’s new home will be safe. Many conditioning treatments also contain ingredients to aid in fish health. Note-do not use distilled water. It is free from everything bad but also everything good also. There are specific minerals that both humans and animals benefit from consuming water.


betta bowl conditioning salt __ Aquarium salt

I always urge fish hobbyists to purchase aquarium salt. It is not completely necessary but will aid in the prevention and curing of illnesses. It greatly aids in healing a sick betta.Β It stops pathogens in the water.

There is a rumor that adding aquarium salt will alter the pH of the water. That is a myth which can be tested even in your own home, so do not worry. I always use aquarium salt with my betta fish.


betta bowl fish net__ Fish net

Betta bowls require full water changes which means you’ll have to transfer your betta splenden many times. A net will make things much easier and less stressful for the both of you. A fish net is crucial in order to safely capture and transfer any fish from one place to another. Using a net is quick and prevents any potential bodily harm to the fish.


betta fish natural pellets__ Betta fish food

I like to buy a variety of foods for my bettas so I can switch things up. In nature betta fish eat a wide variety of bugs and organisms. However, if you are just starting out, it would be wise to stick with a good quality betta pellet for food. Pellet foods contain balanced levels of nutrients and fats necessary to keep your fighting fish healthy. After you have become used to a normal betta regimen you can try incorporating other foods as snacks or treats.


__ First Aid Kit (Optional)

Contrary to popular belief, bettas are actually very sensitive fish. Temperature changes, lighting, and water conditions can easily make a beta feel under the weather. I like to keep a little first aid kit around the house so I can treat any ailments as they come up. This consists of a variety off-the-shelf fish medications for various ailments.

Β betta fissh bowl supplies

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  1. Van says:

    hah great tips! ive seen the betta hammock in the store, but did not think they would like that.

  2. Missusmellie says:

    Could you be more specific about the contents of the first aid kit?

  3. Matt says:

    Hi Angela,
    Have you seen the bowl from No Clean Aquariums? (

    I was thinking about getting it and I wondered if you had tried it.


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